About Surphy

This world is like a huge garden, and each cultural flower has its unique color and charm.      Surphy believes in the magic of colors and empowers people to boost their passion for life by experiencing diverse languages, art, food, music, and sports.      Let’s explore more possibilities and leave more beauty for life!

Who We Are

Founded in 2016, Surphy upholds the motto, “Quality Matters, User First”, and keeps providing trustworthy tech accessories for people worldwide. Beyond its charming colors, Surphy has integrated quality, creativity, and aesthetics into every detail of R&D, manufacturing, and service. Insisting on innovation and dedication to excellence, Surphy is devoted to building a beautiful user experience with quality and art.

Superior Quality

We implement rigorous standards for materials selection and manufacturing. Keeps endeavoring and growing in every effort to bring the most premium products for customers.

Customer Oriented

All of our efforts started with our customers. We respect demands and feedback from users, follow the rules of human-centered design, and keep creating value for customers.

Colorful Aesthetics

With an open and tolerant attitude, we inject distinctive aesthetic genes into our products, hoping that people from different areas and cultures can enjoy our products, feel the joy from colors, and experience a better life.